Monday, February 15, 2010

Learning part 3

Oh. Yes. Belajar lagi? Belajar homework kolej tak settel lagi. T.T
i do what i like, i mean it.
Belajar adobe photoshop CS3.
hasil nya bole bole je. Test try sekali dua bolela.
Cuba try lepas dah lama tak buat adobe photoshop, Konfem lupa punya. I am not talented. Seriusly admit this.

Today,my family and I also have times outing together to our cousin's house kat Jln Semarak, Nilai. Jannah were getting better due to her last operation kaki kat luar letak besi which she said "8jam operate ni..ada8pin besi kat kaki" seram je t'bayang kalo kita kena operate. Ouch

Back to adobe photoshop made this polaroid picture, quite tricky playing with layers and others new thingy. best je la, nanti try lagi.

original picture


Ps/ Today were so hot, I ate lots of food and water and sleeps at evening. I'll open books and homework tomorrow. Please consider me as rajin :P


zack zukhairi said...

style la beb!

dayah said...

zack komen. thanks. yuna mmg ada style ~