Tuesday, January 19, 2010

class started and back to kolej life

this is my roommate for the past time in diploma.

well, the class have been started and I am thrown out by something or what to the section 11. the class schedule were so confusing when i tried to understand the schedule and new schedule from the system CMS, Yup.. it really bugs me(when im not sure is this the right class i'm entering to the class).

yeah im still with my old friends; stay together and new friends are good to know each other.
Maybe new friends it needs time to really to understand and adapt to new environment of KPTM KL than last place i have been studied which is KPTM BANGI.
gosh, miss lots of the old friends of KPTM BANGI.
one of my classmates named Ina getting married for next month on 18th February 2010.
Well, hopefully she is happy for what she wants.
she wears the black shawl in this picture.

Happy study. welcome back papers, lectures, and friends.
i got to catch up my new course in business IT.
hopefully its interesting to study, yeah 7 subjects. LOL, taime diploma pon tak sebanyak ni kot. adeh....the big part that killing me is buying books have to spent money for knowledge. knowledge is power.
never underestimate it. daaa.

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