Sunday, October 4, 2009

Convocation day at PICC Putrajaya

Salam. Its been long time never been great time i have share with my friends while studying, and now its the good time you deserves to have honour at the stage to receive the certificate of what you're studying. First of most, i would like to be greatful to Allah for letting me have what i can have, then "Bak & MAMA" the most important person and supporting me for what i did and they are the bestest person I ever knew, with their sacrifices of everythinng, I have no words to elaborate this. Thank much, and Insyaallah let me repay your all kindness of raising me up more
Convocation day on 3rd October 2009, PICC; Putrajaya International Convention Center been great eventough i lost my friend no where when i need them to take some pictures with them after convocation. sigh. "korang leka sana sini"
sian kan, biarla
Biarlah rahsia..ceyh
PICC (Dewan plenari yg smmgnya besar mmbuat kan aku terkapai2 tgk2 ramai org sana sini ada da abis, biarla apa yg ada dah selesai..)


Nevermind, I'll keep those precious moment of studying will be good enough knowledge to be practice on looking a good job opportunity. hopefully

aku nak sambung study
Either Kolej Poly-Tech Mara, or universiti UITM tetap di hatiku, next year to go bln 12 intake.
which means Next year stat study.
studying in good environment which reminds me to remove your all bad thinking of what you decide. Last raptai convo..i did met my ex KLMU student. she convo on the evening side. Luckily never try to be good with "i decide what i Like". Go everywhere you want but do Not bug me

Alhamdulillah. Thanks everything
Here are some photos of convocation that I'll be missing them


cheers :)